PHP Frameworks Comparison 2017: Laravel vs CodeIgniter vs Symfony vs CakePHP (Infographic)

A Framework helps developers to write clean and reusable code which help to develop project smoothly. Therefore, every experienced developer looking for best PHP framework to make his/her work easier.

Which is the Best PHP framework in 2016?

Although 2016 did not come with any spectacular so far. In this year, there are many PHP frameworks released their newest versions. But, there is a neck and neck competition, when it’s come to compare PHP frameworks. Therefore, It’s not an easy task to decide which framework is best for you. However, we have created an infographic to cover top 4 most popular PHP frameworks In 2016. Here they are:

  • Laraval
  • Symphony
  • CakePHP
  • Codeigniter

To know, which one is best and appropriate frameworks for PHP developer, follow this infographic:


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