Don’t know the first thing about shooting video or want to brush up on your videographer skills?

Video is the rising star of content creation. The travel industry in particular is loving video these days, and its ability to provide vivid insight on new places, cultures, and experiences.

According to the technology company, Cisco, online video audiences are expected to double by 2016 to a whopping 1.5 billion, globally. Facebook is giving that audience what they’re looking for, by pushing video to the front of our newsfeeds. And the Periscope app is allowing anyone to shoot live video from the palm of their hand.

The travel blogging industry is doing a fine job of demonstrating the power of video. Our TBS members and the blogging community as a whole have been churning out sites and sounds from all over the world, and we’ve been so inspired by the rising quality of online travel videos.

The following travel bloggers are among many who create stunning travel videos, and we hope their creations will inspire you to get out there and make your own.

  1. the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images.
    “it’s a great option for anyone looking to start using video to talk over the Net”
  2. a recording of moving visual images made digitally or on videotape.
    “she could post videos of the event on the Internet”
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